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Services overview

Information Technology Services

Project Management is the measurement, processing and communication of project details to create the "knowledge of the project", its variables and nuances. Our proven MIS software measures the results of an organization's economic activities during each project phase or AFE(approved field expenditure)and conveys this information to a variety of users; including those in the field, those in head office, stakeholders tied to the project, and investors in real time.

Human Resource Management Services

An organization's greatest asset are the people who create the day to day realities that make their organization strong. When appropriate mentoring, coaching, training and support are in place the resulting attributes, knowledge and skill development within the organization are greatly improved. Our innovative and creative human resource templates combine to create an outstanding professional growth software that will help everyone grow and expand their professional and personal attributes.

Services we offer

Educational Upgrading

With a full compliment of courses that range from Grade 10 to Grade 12, including a selection of Associate College Courses we are able to provide people who wish to obtain a high school diploma with a means to complete the goals of their educational plans and do so. Included within this is 24/7 counselling services to ensure support is provided in a timely manner to help people complete their coursework in a timely manner.

Leadership Training

Leadership courses for middle and senior managers allows for succession planning in organizations and ensures continuity and growth within an organization by building upon the knowledge, skills and attributes of its employees. Our Leadership training courses focus on improving the understanding behind the mechanics of business processes and help corporations to easily train their employees without exhorbant costs and overruns in their professional development budgets.

Workforce Safety Training

Our exclusive and proprietary courses in the Energy and Telecommunications industries sets our corporation apart from others in the sector of E-Learning. As the only E-learning corporation with pipeline courses for employee on-boarding and advanced pipeline construction, as well as courses exclusive to the Tower Industry we lead in many workforce sectors. We are also leaders in workforce safety training in the Hospitality and Retail sectors.

Mobile Communication Services

In today's busy workplace environments varied communication systems for reporting and telecommunicating are extremely important. We offer synchronous and asynchronous reporting from worksites to Head Office regardless of distance or locale. We improve workforce reporting through our simple to use processes that require minimal effort to complete but provide Head Office with a robust and complete picture of project(s) being undertaken in the field, even with video! With MIS Software there is no quess work as to what is happening in the field because everything is reportable and transparent to all stakeholders involved in the project.

Project and Process Management

Corporations that capitalize on customizable software solutions always perform better than those that do not. Knowledge of processes inherent in the business at hand are vital to ensuring continual improvement in meeting the company's objectives and ensuring a viable economic base that withstands downturns in the economy. Whether you are entertaining the development of a National ID Database Registry or simply wishing to control specific aspects of governance within your organization, ie., gun registry, voter registry our software will create the reaility you require.

Our work
is dedicated to the prosperity, welfare and growth of our clients, their employees, and their stakeholders!

Customizable solutions

Many corporations fail to realize the importance of customized solutions to move their business forward.

Having an all-in-one software solution for our clients, PowerAdministrator Inc., is well suited to catering to client needs. Our process starts with an interview of "key" stakeholders involved in the project by an expert panel of questioners. We then drill down into the data obtained to come up with important themes inherent in the project. From here we kick-off our projects with an important stakeholder meeting that explains the flow of development for the project. As the project progresses we ensure accurate and timely reporting of project deliveralbes to ensure everyone in a "needs to know" capacity is fully informed. The peace of mind resultant in such practices have made PowerAdministrator Inc a leader in Government, Construction, Energy and Retail software development.